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​​​​Little Angels Playhouse purpose is to provide excellence in child-care and education for infants through pre-kindergarten every day creating a learning, safe and fun environment to enrich the life of your child by giving them beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. We also provide after school and special programs for school-age children.

​​Our Center is regulated by the Texas

Health and Human Services and we follow the Texas Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers...

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★ Child Care  &  Learning Center 

★ Bilingual 

​​​​Safe    Loving   &  Fun

​​For our Toddler group we use 

                                      a curriculum that

                                    includes hundreds of activity choices for children 18-36 months categorized by learning domains: language, social emotional, cognitive, physical, and approaches toward learning. It is designed around the latest scientific early brain development research and is a year-round program that focuses on enhancing the simple joy of childhood while equipping caregivers to nurture curiosity through exploration.

​For our Pre-K classrooms we use 

Mother Goose Time is uniquely designed to support in having more time to observe, know, and be with your children. It gives concrete materials and ideas on how to inspire children through art, music, logic games and hands-on investigations.​​​

Space is limited!

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​​​If you are happy with our services and we have gained your trust, refer us to your friends and get  $100 OFF  your monthly payment when a registration referred by you is completed! 

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​Upon selecting Little Angels Playhouse to meet your child’s educational needs, all enrollment paperwork is required before
the child can start our program. Incomplete paperwork will not be accepted.​

Ages 3 months to 8 years

*Only for parents with kids currently enrolled​​

Infant  Toddler  Pre-K

School Age • Summer Program 2023!